Top 10 Activities to Do in Your Garden

Top 10 Activities to Do in Your Garden

Owner or simple tenant, you quickly realize that a garden is an asset when you have a house. Seeing the garden as a simple green space would be very reductive. You can do lots of things there. Not inspired? We give you some tips.


Do nothing  : How is this not an activity? It is precisely because a garden allows you to relax that it is so appreciated! Look around you: the trees, the butterflies, the caress of the wind…

Beautify your exterior  : the French like to spend time outdoors. For this, nothing better than outdoor furniture. The offer has become more democratic. Resin, exotic wood, steel, you can find inexpensive garden furniture and invite your friends or family. Conviviality around an outdoor meal, that’s also life!

Installing a swimming pool  : combining well-being and sport, this is what swimming pools offer. Inground or above ground, there is something for all spaces and all budgets. Why not go (into the water)?

Install a net  : Tennis, badminton, it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of space for your patch of grass to turn into a playground. Adults and children will be delighted.

Make a vegetable plot  : pass on true values ​​to your children, eat better and reap the fruits of your efforts. There are great life lessons in a simple little vegetable patch…


Gardening  : We can never say it enough, gardening should be considered as a sport in its own right! Do you know that you spend between 300 and 450 calories mowing, weeding, hoeing your garden, for an hour?

Do yoga or meditation  : a good yogi should be able to practice everywhere. Same for meditation. But admit that it helps you to be able to stand barefoot on a patch of grass, with the birds for only disturbance.

Make an insect hotel  : activity acclaimed by children, you will make a gesture together for the ecosystem of your garden. Solitary bees, earwigs and other ladybugs will be delighted to find a home. It only takes a few raw materials to make it (cardboard, piece of wood, straw, etc.).

Talking with your children  : work, school, homework, meals. When do we have time to spend time talking to our children? Sensitive to ecology, children and teenagers are eager to learn. While you are planting flowers or fruit trees, this is the perfect time to approach them and ask how they are doing.

Beauty products or home care  : Nature integrates all the elements to treat your little sores or beautify your skin. Why not grow flowers or plants that will help you calm your stress, improve your sleep or make a homemade face mask?


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