Tips for Successfully Recruiting a Senior Executive

Tips for Successfully Recruiting a Senior Executive

Recruitment interviews are generally delicate and stressful moments, both for candidates and for recruiters. They are even more so when it comes to recruiting senior executives. The recruitment of a senior executive differs from a traditional recruitment. The recruitment of an executive is quite long and complex. Companies therefore have no room for error when it comes to recruiting a senior executive. In this article, we give you the keys to successfully recruiting a leader.


For your executive recruitment click here , it is essential to give a warm welcome to the candidate. This approach will allow him to feel comfortable. This approach also helps the candidate to feel in the right conditions to pass the interview. The interview should take place in a neutral setting. Also remember to provide the candidate with information about the interview: the different stages, duration, objective, etc.

It is also important to communicate to the candidate not only information about the company (sector of activity, current projects, level of maturity, size of the company, etc.) but also information about the position (responsibilities, missions , skills, etc). And this in order to arouse his curiosity. The recruiter must be able to make the position attractive in terms of remuneration, fringe benefits, development prospects and company growth.


This is an opportunity for the recruiter to question the candidate to find out about their motivations, academic and professional background, skills, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Apart from aspects related to the economy, technology , politics, the recruiter is mainly interested in the candidate’s personality and managerial abilities. It is also an opportunity for the candidate to distinguish themselves from others through their persuasive skills.

Know that the ideal executive is the one who must be able to share with his collaborators a new vision of the company and its development prospects. The right executive must be a committed and engaging person. He must know how to make decisions to achieve or even exceed the objectives set. He must be able to cope with changes of an economic and technological nature and thus provide a new and enlightened perspective.


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