Things to Do When Buying a Used Car

Things to Do When Buying a Used Car

Are you planning to buy a used car but don’t know how to go about it? Follow the leader !


First, decide what type of vehicle is right for you. For this, several questions must be imposed on you.

  • What budget? Remember to take into account future ancillary costs such as insurance, for example.
  • What is your driver profile? Will you be driving mostly in town or on the highway?
  • Do you need space for your children or a city car that you can park anywhere?

Finally, write down your preferences such as the color or the model that you particularly like.


Two options are available to you. The first is to go to professionals such as dealers or garages if you are looking for security regarding the condition of the vehicle. In addition, you will have a guarantee in case of future problems within the first 12 months or even up to 3 years after purchase. Obviously this has a cost.

The second option is to do your research on ads between individuals. You can find them at convenience stores or mostly online. Many sites can put you in touch with a seller whose profile has been verified. The price will indeed be cheaper than with a professional, however you will have to be all the more attentive during the following steps.

Whatever your choice, remember to check the rating of the vehicle so as not to pay more than what it is really worth on the market. Several websites offer this service for free.


If possible, schedule the meeting on a sunny day. Rain or night could hide bodywork defects. Then perform a general inspection of the condition of the vehicle. Check the proper functioning of equipment such as windscreen wipers or the correct opening of windows. Consult the maintenance booklet if it is provided to be aware of future repairs that you may have to carry out.

Above all, you have to try the car. If you can, take a familiar path so you can compare with your current vehicle. Perform test manipulations such as hard braking, for example.


The seller must be able to give you the following documents: the crossed out gray card (signed and dated on the day of the sale), the non-pledge certificate, the report of the last technical inspection and the certificate of sale.

Once the sale has been made, don’t forget to take out appropriate insurance. Do not drive with a vehicle without being insured! If you buy your car from a professional, you must insure it at the time of delivery. If the purchase is made from a private individual, a simple phone call to your insurer with some simple information will allow you to leave with the car in complete safety. You can sign the contract afterwards.

Once the sale is finalized, you will have one month to have your new registration document made . The procedures are no longer carried out with the prefecture but online or with an authorized professional online.


You now have all the cards in hand to buy the used car you like.


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