Things to Do to Win a Man Back

Things to Do to Win a Man Back

The art of seduction can be a very powerful way to attract a man and ultimately make him fall in love with you. If you’ve ever experienced a romantic relationship, chances are you’ve used your various seduction abilities. Unfortunately in long-term relationships, we tend to forget about seduction and the positive impact it can have. Almost all of us make the mistake of taking our partner for granted. And so putting in the effort to seduce him becomes less and less of a priority until the magic wears off.

You miss his touch, you yearn to be close to him again, and you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to make him feel the same way. Your motivations will dictate your course of action, but don’t worry it’s totally up to you. Here are the things to do to seduce a man again.


So he caught your attention again? You’ve seen some of his new photos on Instagram and you like what you see… Or maybe you’ve never stopped thinking about him. Either way, if you want to know how to get your ex back or how to get him to want you back, there’s one key question you need to ask yourself first. And this question is about exactly why you want him back. If for example you want something serious, there are strict rules to follow according to this article by seduction coach Expertex, whereas if it’s just for sex, they will be much more flexible.


Yes ladies, beyond the current trend that celebrates the buttocks and the breasts, your eyes are real assets of seduction. Much more than you might imagine. So let them do the work for you. Your eyes will tell him everything you feel. They are, in fact, one of your greatest weapons in winning the dating war.


Nervousness can take hold of you when you’re talking to a guy you like. But don’t look away. Look him directly in the eye (with a slight smile) while you talk to him or listen to him. A raised eyebrow to signify disbelief, a wink for complicity… There are so many ways to express yourself with your eyes, so experiment and see the results for yourself.

For example, you can make prolonged eye contact with him in a crowded room until he notices you, then look away. This will pique his interest, because he wants your attention back on him, and he will walk.


When you’re on a date or just talking to a guy you want to seduce, be very aware of your body language. For example, if your arms are crossed or you turn away from him, he won’t think you’re interested. On the other hand, if you bend over with your arms resting on the table or your hip, it will show him that you are open.

And never underestimate the power of a hand through your hair; especially the long locks. Most men find this gesture very attractive so do not hesitate to use it.


Ladies, feel free to make physical contact. Touch goes hand in hand with body language. The more often you touch him (we’re not talking obvious petting here) the more he’ll want to touch you back. Touch very quickly evokes sex in men. Doing so is a subtle way to make him understand that you want him.

For example, you can put your fingers on his forearm, gently squeeze his biceps (oh my God! What big muscles you have!) When relevant of course, put your hand on his shoulder or back. Give it a try and see if he doesn’t return the favor within minutes.


Women who exude self-confidence, men love it. If you don’t look desperate, and show your interest in him that way, his interest in you will only get stronger.

A confident woman knows she’s attractive, funny, and smart. She doesn’t need a man to tell her that. In fact, she doesn’t need a man at all. And nothing makes a man want a woman more than when she shows that she doesn’t need him, but wants him.

If he compliments you, smile and look into his eyes and say thank you. Or better yet, “I know!”.

Hold your shoulders. Shoulders drooping forward indicate that you are unsafe.

Wear clothes that flatter you. You don’t have to wear very short skirts or plunging necklines to be sexy, but wear clothes that say I know I’m attractive.


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