Things to Do for a Successful Stay at the Zoo

Things to Do for a Successful Stay at the Zoo

If originally zoos had only one and only vocation to entertain us, for several years now, they have been investing in the preservation of endangered species.. A cause that is becoming a social issue in the same way as stress, the scourge of our modern society. If the media evoke the consequences of global warming on our well-being, the impacts on fauna and flora are only underlined. And yet, they contribute to the balance of food chains! Climate change modifies environmental conditions: lower humidity, high temperatures, extreme events… so many alterations that modify the natural habitats necessary for life and the development of species. While many humans have to move to find environments less hostile to their survival, the same is true for animals. Unfortunately, while mobile animals can move easily, many cannot.By 2080, if nothing is done to slow down global warming, half of the species are threatened with extinction in the areas richest in fauna and flora ( study carried out by the WWF in partnership with the Tyndall Center for Climate Change of the university of Esat Anglia in Great Britain in 2018 ). Fortunately, zoos are beginning to raise public awareness, to invest in the preservation of species and participate in the program of reintroduction into the natural environment of species. And, among the many existing zoos across the globe, that of Beauval is an example .


Located in the heart of the Châteaux de la Loire, the ZooParc de Beauval invites us to discover 600 different species spread over no less than 35 hectares . Red Panda from Nepal, Tree Kangaroo from Papua, Calasos from Malaysia, Lemur from Madagascar, Lowland Gorilla from western Gabon, Bearded Vulture from France, Ground Tapir from Brazil, Condor from the Andes in Argentina, Manatee from the Antilles or Hornbills South Africa in particular, so many conservation programs in which the ZooParc de Beauval is involved. On the sidelines, it is also an opportunity to discover a fauna that evolves in “freedom”, in spaces that are certainly closed, but large enough and adapted to ensure their well-being.. In addition, at the turn of the aisles, we can meet the staff, who take great care with the residents, is also with the visitors, enough to satisfy our thirst for knowledge, our curiosity too. And, for the visit to be a delight, there is nothing like a few tips to prepare for your visit to the ZooParc de Beauval .


What makes the strong point of the ZooParc de Beauval is to have rare species, but it does not stop there. In addition to being able to actively engage with them for the preservation of animal species by sponsoring their favorite animal, we can at the same time, as soon as the zoo opens, attend the morning work of the keepers . There is also the possibility of being an animal caretaker , of putting on the coat and getting closer to the animals, without glass, without a wall, without a grid… in short, to live the life of a caretaker intensely. For this privileged experience to remain unforgettable, it is advisable to reserve in advance as places are limited. At the same time, given the vastness of the place, it is better to plan at least two days of visit. The park has its own hotel park right next to the park, and offers “accommodation + park visit” packages. A trick that allows you to discover without stress the different ecosystems recreated from the aviaries to the “Terre des Lions” via China and the waters of the Caribbean in particular. The opportunity to discover how the story began, but also to discover the emblematic and famous residents that are Yuan Zi, Huan Huan the two giant pandas and their son Yuan Meng in particular. At least two days to contemplate the spectacle of sea lions in the enchanting setting of the aquatic amphitheater or the spectacle of birds taking flight above a hemicycle. The zoo is setting up educational and attractive signage, the opportunity to find out more about their behaviour, their way of life and to leave the area as a “fine specialist”. Finally, the best time to visit it is spring . The ultimate trick is to download the zoo application to be guided step by step in our visit and to take the height in one of the gondolas to fly over the park.


As a visitor, it is important to adopt the right behaviors to observe the animals. In order to ensure the well-being of the animals and not to hinder “human-animal” interactions, it is recommended to speak softly, not to shout, not to knock the glass to avoid stressing them. On the sidelines, it is forbidden to give them food. Every animal has a suitable diet and our foods can cause serious feeding problems for animals and damage their health. And because some animals like gorillas, for example, are receptive to eye contact, it’s best not to stare them in the eye. Even if it seems obvious, the barriers, fences and other windows are designed to ensure our safety, it is better not to climb / cross them to take pictures. The zoo has created specific spaces for this, you might as well borrow them as they generally offer an interesting point of view. No need to reach out, to stroke the animals too unless the keepers invite us to do so.


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