The Real Estate Market in North Gironde

The Real Estate Market in North Gironde

To the north of Bordeaux, towns are emerging from the shadows. With much lower selling prices and a real quality of life, this territory is synonymous with good business. To become an owner, northern Gironde has many advantages. Depending on the profile of the buyers, everyone can find an opportunity to seize.


Only 26 kilometers from Bordeaux, Saint-André de Cubzac has so many assets that the local real estate market is clearly boosted. The proximity of the A10 allows you to reach Bordeaux in just a few minutes. Buyers can therefore enjoy a pleasant living environment without straying from this agglomeration.

This city quickly became a paradise for families. The quality of life works in favor of Saint-André de Cubzac. Retirees, couples and children make no mistake about it by settling en masse in this place which has everything to please. The price per square meter is €2,032 for a house and €1,992 for an apartment.

With particularly developed shops, services and schools, this small town in the North of Gironde has all the assets for a smart purchase. Without having to endure skyrocketing prices in Bordeaux, Saint-André de Cubzac appears to be a perfect opportunity.


A few kilometers from Saint-André de Cubzac, Cavignac has seen its real estate market change radically in just a few years. With very affordable prices and proximity to both the A10 and N10 motorways, this country town has rapidly transformed.

Infrastructure and local shops have developed to accommodate such a population. Buying in Cavignac therefore guarantees that you can take advantage of an excellent location. To take advantage of these assets, you will have to position yourself quickly. Prices per m 2 are currently 1,221 euros for an apartment and 1,522 € for a house. However, with such demand, they could increase rapidly.

With a large number of green spaces and places to practice sport, the town of Cavignac is as interesting for families as singles or retirees. This explains why Cavignac saw its real estate market explode rapidly.


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