Rental Property Investment Under the Pinel Law in Nantes

Rental Property Investment Under the Pinel Law in Nantes

Nantes attracts many tourists every year. So much so that they plan to settle there, for the relaxed lifestyle offered by this city in the west of France. What if it were possible, thanks to the Pinel law, to take advantage of this enthusiasm to save money?


If you pay income tax and you live in France, you can probably claim the Pinel law, promulgated in 2014. This is a device allowing you to acquire a new property, respecting the standards relating to energy savings BBC or RT 2012.

This property; house or apartment; must be located in an eligible area, details of which you can find on the Internet. The dwelling must be rented out to a third party for a variable period. It can thus be rented for 6, 9 or even 12 years. Even if the choice must be made in conscience, it is quite possible, after having opted for a lease for a period of 6 years, to renew the lease. But the maximum rental period will still be 12 years.

It is worth noting that if the idea of ​​being rented out by ordinary people worries you, you can rent to a member of your family. You can thus rent to your ascendants (parents…) or descendants (children…). Even if you know the person who will become the tenant of the apartment or the house, you will be required to ask him for the payment of a monthly rent; this must comply with the ceilings of the geographical area concerned.

At the end of the time devoted to the rental of your property, you can decide to put it up for sale, perhaps by constituting an interesting capital gain, or benefit from it, for yourself (usufruct).

The benefits are many. It is possible, in fact, in addition to receiving a fixed monthly sum of money, for a predetermined period, to benefit from a substantial tax reduction (up to 6,000 euros per year). The law makes it possible to prepare for retirement more serenely, without contribution. The monthly investment being quite affordable (from 200 € per month).

In addition, you build up a heritage, which you can bequeath to your children, upon your death. In order to see if you can claim this device, but also to direct you to the best neighborhood and answer all your questions, know that real estate investment advisers are at your disposal.

After studying your situation (income, expenses, current assets), they will be able to explain all the workings of the Pinel Law to you. You have to be able to determine how much money can be devoted to this real estate project, without it impacting your quality of life.


It is not for nothing that Nantes enjoys an excellent reputation and is known as one of the favorite cities of the French.

This city, located on the banks of the Loire, has all the attractions of the city, without the disadvantages. It therefore seems wise to invest in the Pinel Law in Nantes . Attracting many students, the city also brings together a large number of working people. 5,000 jobs are created there each year, due to its development.

A vitality that is found in his love of nature, arts and culture, which attracts an ever-growing crowd each year, delighted with his discoveries.

You will understand that these people wishing to find accommodation, will hasten to visit your property, especially if it is located in one of the most sought-after areas of Nantes.

The future creation of an eco-district; eligible for the Pinel Law, only reinforces the attraction of a whole generation in phase with the idea of ​​living in a healthy, economically stable place, and in line with its moral values.

Whether you are attracted by the city center of Nantes or districts like Breil Barberie for its animation or Dervalières-Zola, for its 16-hectare park, it is Nantes as a whole which aspires to change, to evolution, to meet the expectations of people who have come to find a haven of peace within its walls.

If you want to know more about the Pinel law, we advise you to contact a real estate advisor quickly, because the purchase must be made before December 31, 2021, knowing that the rental of the property must be for a maximum of one year. , after its completion, if it is a property purchased off plan and in the process of being completed.


Do you want to see your annual taxes reduced, while receiving a monthly rent? This is broadly the promise of the Pinel law. Contact a professional to find out more!


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