How to Get a Visa to Go to Kenya?

How to Get a Visa to Go to Kenya?

Africa is a favorite destination for lovers of wild animals and grandiose landscapes. It is however necessary to have some official documents to be able to go there, including a visa.


In order to be able to land in Kenya and stay there during the holidays, for example, you must have your vaccinations up to date, in particular the so-called universal vaccines, protecting against DTCP or hepatitis B. Vaccines against hepatitis A, typhoid are also recommended. It is important to take antimalarial treatment. Indeed, mosquito bites can cause some inconvenience. The treatment will prevent you from getting sick during your stay.

Regarding the administrative formalities, you must present some important documents. You must have a valid passport for all family members who will travel with you. Do you need a Kenya visa? It is easy to request this document on the Internet. This has considerably facilitated transport, both for professionals and for individuals.

As with any destination, it is advisable to take out insurance to cover any eventuality. Road accident, bodily injury or towards a third party, having extended coverage makes it possible to cope, in the event of a problem. The repatriation service is often recommended for such a distant destination. Check with your insurance agent.


It is very easy to obtain a visa, whatever country you want to go to. You still need to meet the requirements for a trip to Kenya , if this is the destination you have chosen. It is indeed important to have reserved accommodation and transport tickets, even before being able to proceed with your request. It is imperative to do it a little in advance. Even if the dematerialized procedures are much faster and simpler than before, it takes a minimum of seven days to be able to respond to your request. If your children are under 16, you do not have to apply for a visa for them, but they must have at least a passport.

Are you wondering about the steps to take? You are not the only ones, this is why tutorials have been specifically developed to answer all the usual questions and reassure you, before your departure.

Regarding the best times to go, it is recommended to leave between December and the end of March if you want to go on a photo safari. The Tsavo National Park or that of Amboseli with its elephants, will satisfy the most demanding.

If you are interested in seaside tourism, to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures of Africa, it is best to order your tickets between August and September. You can then enjoy the beauty of Diani Beach. A fine sandy beach where the sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking. Between campsites, hotels or homestay accommodation, you can find a place that meets your expectations in terms of holidays and a change of scenery.


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