Green Electricity Supplier, What Does It Change?

Green Electricity Supplier, What Does It Change?

Green energy refers to electricity produced from renewable sources such as:

  • wind power,
  • solar,
  • hydraulics,
  • geothermal energy,
  • tidal phenomena,
  • or biomass.

Choosing a green offer means opting for a contract that guarantees that a quantity of electricity from renewable sources equivalent to the consumption of customers of this offer has been injected into the network. This does not guarantee, however, that the electricity that the customer will physically receive at home comes from renewable sources. Green electricity offers are certified by the Guarantees of Origin (GO) which ensure, at European level, the administrative traceability of electricity from renewable sources. Almost all electricity suppliers today offer green offers. The annual distribution of electricity generation sources for each supplier’s offers is indicated on customer bills.


Subscribing to a green electricity offer contributes to the development of renewable energies on an international scale and therefore to the preservation of the planet’s resources. Indeed, the principle of green electricity production is to use sources that are both renewable and inexhaustible; for this we use movement to generate electricity rather than chemistry and the transformation of matter.

This does not mean that the production processes do not generate pollution, but rather that the impact of the exploitation of raw materials on the environment (coal, oil, natural gas or uranium) is limited.

Moreover, based on mechanical principles, renewable energies do not generally generate CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

By opting for green energy, you reduce your environmental footprint and participate in the development of new production practices. And since it is the demand that generates the supply, the more membership in this type of contract will be acclaimed, the more the energy suppliers will be anxious to take an interest in new methods of energy production.


If the production of electricity from renewable sources is sometimes more expensive than that of fossil or nuclear origin, this is not always the case.

Indeed today, certain methods implemented for a long time are largely amortized, particularly in the hydraulic field for France, and make it possible to obtain green offers whose prices are aligned with standard electricity offers.

On the other hand, it is true that wind or solar production, which is not yet sufficiently developed, generates higher costs.

By choosing these offers, you participate in the development of these new production methods and, in fact, in the reduction of costs in the medium and long term. Furthermore, you encourage research and development to further reduce the ecological footprint of electricity suppliers and consumers, including all of us.

Choosing a green electricity offer  is above all a civic act that is done in line with one’s own convictions: the little drop of water that will form the big river!


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